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A little bit about Jacquelane Cox

Jacquelane was born in a village where story-telling is a way of life. For many of the children there, experiencing a movie can only sometimes come from hearing someone else who was fortunate enough to have money to see it. So they shared and re-told movies; children passing on fairy-tales and legends!

She moved to Sydney when she was nine years old, and began a whole new adventure. In year five, her teacher encouraged her love for writing and reading. She wrote in secret and hid her stories. But after finishing her Business degree, she was restless and took up a writing course on the side for fun! She found her love again! She wrote more stories but still kept them to herself. Still afraid to let other others know, afraid of rejection.

But it was through making connections with other writers that she truly allowed herself to become a writer, learning from those who have already been published and those who simply love to write. As she continues to submit stories (and get rejections!), she continues to learn and continues to write, now confident to call herself a “writer”. In the meantime, she writes snippets about her life or share interesting pieces she stumbles upon on the internet on her Facebook Page, mummawriter.

Her first book, Runaway, is a Middle-Grade novel, which she describes as an easy escape for reluctant readers” and is suitable for tweens/pre-teens and anyone who wants to have a light read before bedtime. It is available as an eBook and Paperback from AmazonIts sequel, Smarty-pants, is also now available from her online store and on Amazon, and can be read as a stand-alone book!

Her children’s picture book, Remember When, is based on her two grandmothers, who both passed away with dementia. Their diagnoses and experiences left her wishing she had done things better – had she understood better! And in this story there is some redemption through the innocence and unconditional love of a child for a grandmother. With this book, she hopes she may help others be more understanding as they cherish their loved ones towards the end … and beyond.

Her debut novella, The Colours of Orange, was released in October 2021. This is a story inspired by the book of Ruth, set in contemporary Sydney and regional city, Orange, in New South Wales, Australia. Of course, there is a generous dash of romance!