“All I really wanted was a nice birthday party to
kick off my teen years. But, then …”

Sammy is turning thirteen and is looking forward to celebrating her birthday with the family, best friend Lucy and cute neighbour Josh. Even Ramon, her mum’s boyfriend, is invited — she’s getting quite used to having him around a lot.

But when Sammy catches him proposing to Mum in secret, he’s back in the bad books.

How dare he! Not only does this ruin her party plans, but the secrecy is driving Sammy crazy. No one wants to admit there’s an engagement about to be announced. But, oh, she knows what’s going on! She just needs her suspicion confirmed before it’s too late.

Looks like she’s not going to get that party after all. But can she convince Mum that marrying Ramon is not the best decision for their family?

“Smarty-pants is a really great read. I can see it as geared more towards middle grade but I think it’s a book many would enjoy … I was pleasantly surprised at how much humour there was.” ~ Chino, Beta Reader.

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